Warranty Financing

  • Affordable Monthly Payments
  • No Credit Check

Why not leave money in your pocket and let us finance your warranty! 

With our simple and easy NO CREDIT CHECK process, your automatically qualified.  Carfuffle has developed a finance plan with a flat fee no monthly interest charge, to give you peace of mind coverage at a low monthly price if paying upfront isn’t possible.  The service charge is added in at check out, $250 flat fee for financing plus applicable taxes.


What are the terms available?

12- and 24-month Terms

What is required for final approval, if there’s no credit check?

We require a small down payment consisting of the taxes and two monthly payments upfront, bringing the total term for either 12 or 24 months down to 10 or 22 months remaining.  Example:

$2100 Warranty

$250 Flat Fee

$2350 Sub total

$305.50 plus Tax, (HST 13% for this example)

$2655.50 Total

Total collected upfront:
On a 12 month term: $195.83 X2 = $391.66 + $305.50 TAX Total down payment $697.16

On a 24 month term: $97.91 X 2 $195.83 + $305.50 TAX total down payment: $501.32

Can I cancel the financing contract early and pay the remaining balance without penalty?


Can the monthly payment be deducted directly from my bank account?

Currently we take only credit card payments for monthly payments. We will debit your credit card on the 10th or 20th of each month, equal payment amounts, starting up to 35 days from the deposit day.