I hereby agree to pay the Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) distributed by CornerStone United (CSU) that was purchased from CARFUFFEL INC. and the following terms and conditions shall apply: (a) This pay plan is managed by Cheyson business services (CBS) (b) I hereby appoint CBS as my attorney in fact and give CBS irrevocable authority to cancel the subject VCS (c) I agree to make all payments required hereunder in a timely fashion to CBS at its principle office in Guelph, ON, Canada (d) In the event of a defaulted payment, CBS will notify CSU that the payment is default. CBS will charge a fee of $30 (e) In the event of a defaulted payment and there is a claim, no claim will be authorized unless the defaulted payment(s) is made (f) In the event of a dishonored payment, CBS will proceed with a second payment attempt. If the purchaser’s payment is on the 5th, the next payment is on the 20th. If the purchaser’s payment is on the 20th, the next payment attempts will be on the 5th (g) Any default on two consecutive payments will automatically terminate the VSC (h) I agree to and hereby unconditionally remise, release and forever release CBS from liability of any kind of any loss, damage, inconvenience or injury to me resulting from the cancellation of the subject VSC at the request of CBS (i) No refunds are available after the first 30 days following the purchase date (j) I acknowledge that if the Credit Card Payment Plan has joint purchasers, then the word “I” will read as “we